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EP5 – Get your head in the right space

This weeks Episode is here: EP5 – A discussion about what headspacing is and how it affects our reloading in both safety and accuracy

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Products discussed in this episode

Headspace Gauges
Hornady Headspace Gauge Kit :
Hornady Headspace Gauge Bushings – get this if you already have the case length gauge

iGaging –
Shars –…/aventor-6-large-screen-ip54-electron…

Redding Competition Shell Holder Sets:
.223/5.56 Based Cases –
.308/7.62 Based Cases –
Win Mag, WSSM, etc Cases –
There are others, these are just the most common

DIY Option
.002 Shim stock –
Shim Stock pack (if you dont want to stack them) –

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