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EP13 – Scaling Up

Another Tuesday morning, another episode. This week a quick discussion on scale choices, there are thousands out there, what is best for you. Scales really fall in to a few categories

  1. Cheap Pocket Scales (weed scales) – cheap, battery powered. Tend not to last very long and questionable accuracy. I would avoid, the price temptation isn’t work the headaches
  2. Basic reloading electronic – Better, there are a couple winners in this class. The best I have tried is the Frankford
  3. Balance Beam Scales. Couple of good choices here, the Lee is a good inexpensive choice or the RCBS is a good performer
  4. Higher end electronic scales – My favorite is the Gempro 250, it has served me well for years: on the really high end

No matter what scale, I recommend getting a set of check weights. You can get them very cheap here:

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