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EP20 – 2018 Gift Guide

Gift Cards:

MidwayUSA – Widest Selection, works for even non-reloaders

Midsouth – Great selection of reloading gear

RMR Bullets – Great prices on bullets

Inline fabrication



Amazon –


For the rifle shooter

Imperial Sizing Wax –

Brass Trimmer and Prep –


For the pistol shooters

Brass Sorter (Pistol) –


Brass Gathering and Cleaning

Brass Catcher for AR and similar –

Brass Retriever –

Ultrasonic Cleaner –

Wet Tumbler Kit –

Hand Deprimer –


Measuring and Powder Scales

Automatic Powder Scales

Hornady –


Digital Scale –

Inexpensive but good caliper –

Very good caliper –



Organization and Shop Helpfuls

MTM ammo crates – Great for organization and range trips – 2 options, one with 4 medium cans and one with 3 large

4 Medium –

3 Large –

Akro Bins

24 Pack of Medium –

6 Pack of Small –

Shop Lights – (Single) (4 Pack)



Caldwell G2 Great Starter option –

Magnetospeed –

Labradar –




Peterson Cartridge – for the precision rifle guys



Offer for help – Email and I will help translate your reloaders needs

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